Camping Essentials: Your camping checklist

Preparation is the key to a successful and enjoyable camping trip! When visiting a campsite in Cornwall do your research about where you have book and see what facilities they have available – you can amend your list to suit the campsite. This is a general list of what most campers would want to go camping with, of course you may want to take a lot less if you are backpacking and not arriving in your own transport!

It is easy to forget camping essentials when going on holiday, but one suggestion to make your life easier, is to keep a couple of storage tubs packed with camping kitchen essentials so they are all washed and ready to go!

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Tent Essentials

  • Tent – always go for a larger tent than you need. Extra space is always useful. Remember your tent porch if you have one.
  • Tent Pegs and Mallet – tent pegs can easily get bent.
  • Electric Hook Up – if you have booked a pitch with electric, this is essential!
  • Camping Lights – whether it’s a torch, lantern or a tent light that hangs from the ceiling, don’t forget it – and the extra batteries!
  • Windbreak – extend your living area with a bit of privacy.

Sleeping Essentials

  • Bed – keep yourself off the ground by using a camp bed, or an air bed (remember the foot pump!) or use a sleeping mat.
  • Sleeping Bag/Duvet – make sure it’s warm enough for the cooler nights.
  • Pillow – take your own pillows or buy inflatable camping pillows.
  • Extra blanket – useful to use outside the tent as well as in.

Kitchen and Cooking Essentials

  • Camping Stove and/or BBQ – having a couple of options is useful.
  • Water carrier/container – rolling containers can be handy.
  • Gas or charcoal
  • Cooking pots, frying pan, cooking utensils
  • Kettle – don’t forget your teabags!
  • Plates, bowls
  • Cool box
  • Cups, glasses
  • Cutlery, serving utensils
  • Chopping board
  • Tin Opener and Bottle Opener
  • Washing up bowl and washing up liquid

Other Essentials

  • Camping Chairs – folding camping chairs are fabulous inventions.
  • Folding Table – perfect for family dining, or an extra space for food.
  • Waterproof Picnic Blanket – particularly useful if you have children or dogs.
  • Matches and/or lighter
  • Biodegradable wet wipes
  • Spare batteries
  • Scissors
  • Spare plastic bags for storing wet clothes
  • Phone charger for the car
  • Bin bags
  • First Aid Kit – be prepared for anything.
  • Head torch or small torch – night time walks to the toilet block will be a lot easier!
  • Puncture repair kit for air beds or inflatables
  • Camera
  • Medications

Penhalvean Pottery Campsite is a dog friendly and family friendly campsite in Cornwall. We offer affordable rural camping, with a few added extras, such as access to hot showers and flushing toilets, and a small communal kitchen area with fridge freezer, sink, microwave and kettle. Rural camping in Cornwall with Penhalvean Pottery Campsite can be booked on PitchUp.